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RETROL Antique 4-Stroke Hot-bulb Engine Simulation Horizontal Water-cooled Gasoline Tractor Engine Internal Combustion Engine Model Collection

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Antique 4-Stroke Hot-bulb Engine Horizontal Water-cooled Tractor Engine Internal Combustion Engine Model Collection

How This Hot Bulb Engine Runs?

History of Hot-bulb Engine:
A number of hot bulb engines appeared in Europe in the early twentieth century, and their reliability, ability to use multiple fuels, and the fact that they could operate for hours or days at a time made them very popular among agricultural, forestry and marine users. Used to pump and power milling, sawing and threshing machinery. Hot-ball engines are also used in road rollers and tractors.

What is Hot-bulb Engine:
The hot-bulb engine is a type of internal combustion engine in which fuel ignites by coming in contact with a red-hot metal surface inside a bulb, followed by the introduction of air (oxygen) compressed into the hot-bulb chamber by the rising piston.
Most hot-bulb engines were produced as one or two-cylinder, low-speed two-stroke crankcase scavenged units. ---Wikipedia

Inspired by Hot Bulb Engine:
The engine was built with inspiration from the hot bulb engine, a horizontal four-stroke gas engine with a very characteristic large cast iron flywheel. The engine is made of a large number of cast iron castings, and the surface is treated with dark green paint for a more retro texture.

Comes with with spark plugs and igniter, the engine is ready to run,  just prepare the battery and fuel.

Compression Ratio & Stroke Adjustable:
The engine uses cdi high pressure ignition, and the fuel is light gasoline. Compression ratio and stroke are adjustable. The cooling method adopts plunger pump water cooling. Equipped with a simulated crank handle to crank the engine to restore the original flavor.

Collection or Gift Choice:
With a high-grade wooden base, it can maintain low speed and run stably. It is undoubtedly an excellent desktop engine model, and its good work performance will be widely praised. It is also an excellent choice for many collectors of old engines.

Age Recommendation: 14+

Know More About This Engine:
Color: Dark Green
Material: Metal + Wood Base
Rack: Cast Iron, Dark Green Paint
Flywheel: Cast Iron, Dark Green Paint. Diameter 225mm* Thickness 20mm
Base: Wood, Red Paint
Weight: about 6.5kg
Length: 350mm
Height: 230mm
Bore: 22mm
Stroke: 24mm
Form: Ready to Run
Cooling method: Water Cooling
Start Mode: Shake the handle to start;
Ignition method: CDI Igniter;
.Spark Plug Type: CM-6 spark plug with 10mm screw diameter and 8.6mm thread length (2022); 1/4-32 thread ME8 spark plug (2023)
Lubrication method: mixed oil splash lubrication (gasoline/oil=25/1)
Fuel Type: 92# and above gasoline
Oil type: 2T oil
Start-up Power: 6-10V
Packing: Carton

Packing List:
1 x Hot Bulb Engine
1 Set Original Accessories
1 x Instruction