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MUSA F1-2.7cc Mini OHV Vertical Single-Cylinder Four-Stroke Air Cooled Gasoline Engine Internal Combustion Engine Model Crafts

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MUSA F1-2.7cc Mini OHV Vertical Single-Cylinder Four-Stroke Air Cooled Gasoline Engine Internal Combustion Engine Model Crafts

In recent years, EngineDIY have cooperated with MUSA to launch two single-cylinder engines, "Whippet" and "Red Dog" that pay tribute to the classics, which have impressed many model engine enthusiasts. In September 2023, let us once again pay tribute to the great craftsman-George Luhrs. George Luhrs spent most of his life making engine models of various sizes. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2014. In order to commemorate this great craftsman and continue his spirit, this time we bring the George Luhrs Engine The work is a prototype, a remanufactured mini single-cylinder four-stroke engine. All parts of this engine are precision machined by CNC, and the crankshaft is hardened and equipped with bearing bushes. The engine design adopts an overhead valve structure, forced air cooling with a centrifugal fan, an external mechanical ignition system, an adjustable ignition advance angle, and a visible and transparent small fuel tank.


.A Tribute to the Classic:
The Luhrs miniature single-cylinder engine will evoke retro nostalgia and resonance among more engine model enthusiasts and players, and attract widespread attention and discussion.

.Exquisite Appearance:
This miniature vertical single-cylinder four-stroke engine has a unique and beautiful appearance, with an overall silver color scheme and a compact mini structure. You will definitely like its working conditions.

.Ingenious Design:
The engine adopts an overhead valve structure. The cam housing on the right is a fan cover with a mini cooling fan inside, an external mechanical ignition trigger, and an adjustable ignition advance angle.

.Excellent Quality:
Fully CNC machined, hardened crankshaft, equipped with bearings. The surface is sandblasted and anodized to show the mechanical texture and beauty of the engine.

.Excellent Collection:
This mini single-cylinder gasoline engine model is not only a highly collectible and visually appealing engine but also a perfect addition to any model exhibition. It also makes an excellent personalized gift for mechanical enthusiasts.

.Warm Tips:
Please note that the engine comes pre-assembled and tested and does include a spark plug, CDI igniter, and fuel tank. The base is not included, please bring your own or purchase it separately. Please use the machine according to the instruction manual to avoid damage to the machine due to improper operation. If you have any questions, please contact us in time.


.Material: Metal
.Color: As Shown
.Brand: MUSA
.Model: F1-2.7cc
.Form: Finished Version (Ready to Run)
.Engine Type: Gasoline/Kerosene Internal Combustion Engine
.Valve Mechanism Type: OHV
.Cylinder: Vertical Single Cylinder
.Stroke: Four Stroke
.Displacement: 2.7cc
.Bore: 14.8mm
.Stroke: 15.8mm
.Speed: 800-8000 rpm
.Power: About 0.4 hp
.Cooling Method: Air Cooling
.Lubrication Method: Splash Lubrication
.Starting Method: Electric Drill or Hand Pull
.Starting Rod Diameter: 6.0mm round steel rod
.Output Belt Specifications: Wire Diameter 2.0-2.5mm
.Ignition Method: External Mechanical Ignition System (Ignition Breaker Assemblies)
.Spark Plug Type: 1/4-32 Thread ME8 Type Spark Plug
.Starting Power Supply: 2S lithium battery (18650 lithium battery*2)
.Fuel Type: 92# and Above Gasoline or Kerosene
.Oil Type: 5W-30 2T Oil
.Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 7 x 10.5cm
.Product Weight: 700g
.Packing: Box
.Ages: 14+

Packing List:

.CDI igniter*1
.Spark plug (pre-installed)*1
.Fuel tank (pre-installed)*1
.Tool kit*1 set
.Instruction manual*1